Jack's New Licks:   1978-1979

Jack's New Licks  was first formed by Rich Hilton, Richy Stanojev, Jim Lawrence & Kevin Sparke. Kevin was later replaced with David Olivier on drums.  

"The Wet Lick Look" - original song
"Kid Charlemagne" by Steely Dan - Rich Hilton on lead vocals
"Closed Woman" written by Rich Hilton - Rich on lead vocals
"Go For It" by the Zobo Funn Band - Rich Hilton on lead vocals
"Nobody But You" by Loggins & Messina - Rich Hilton on lead vocals
"Oh, Atlanta" by Little Feat - Rich Hilton on lead vocals
Loggins & Messina Medley!


It was way more than 20 years ago today .....

4 guys got together in Ellis Hollow, near Ithaca NY to jam out in the backyard of somebody's house who was having a party ...
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Yes ... that was:

Rich Hilton (Itchy)        
Jim Lawrence (Jimbo)   

Kevin Sparke (Sparkie)    

Richy Stanojev (Stano)    

Later Kevin was to move on and be replaced by :

Dave Olivier (Occasionally Game)  
click here for pic of Dave and his girlfriend Sue
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Recording of Loggins &
Messina Medley!

Photo Gallery (click on pic to enlarge)

Tom Kallman (Mgr.) Contract Form

Jim at Toga party

Richy & Jimbo at Toga Party

Here is some fun archival stuff from the days of yore ...  

Ye Old Song List (we used typewriters back then!)

Live at The Last Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY

Band photo taken at The Haunt

Toga Party!!! (ad for the Haunt)

Syracuse Club ad (The Jab)

Spotlite Ad (for The Last Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY, and the CIA in Hyde Park)

Actual set list (preserved on archival paper)

Review in Local paper (Photo by Throop!)

Poster for Nite Court gig

Live photo at "Nite Court"  ("How are ya, babe?" ... note the home-made banner!)

Review in "The Ithacan" of JNL at Nite Court

Jimbo at The Rongovian Embassy, Trumansburg, NY (with beard & bellbottoms!)

"Big-time" concert photo of the boys opening for New Riders of the Purple Sage at Ithaca College

Another "Big-time" concert photo of the boys opening for New Riders of the Purple Sage at Ithaca College

Picture of Jimbo & Stano from New Riders concert that appeared in the Ithaca Yearbook 1979

Poster explaining how Jack's New Licks got their name!

Allright ... how did they get that bizarre name, anyhow?

Simple ... combine 3 local bands names:

Jack the Wristwatch  (Richy & Itchy's band)
The New Band (which Chieli Minucci was in!) (Sparke's band)
Tasty Licks  (Jimbo's band)

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The CONTROVERSIAL PC Incorrect Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor Day

PARTY Poster !!!!!

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Pimp and Prostitute Cornell Frat Party Poster

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Tom's Rolling Thunder New Year's Eve Party Poster!

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Dave Olivier's first gig!

Ballards Gig, Varna, NY

Richy plays drums!

Itchy - Roll n' Roll Monster

Dave Olivier plays bass!

Peter VR  at the mixing board (with Heineken close by, and Claudia (with fingers in ears), Jane Finklestein (with the black sweater), and Pamela Vallon (blond)

Jimbo concentrating

Stano playing guitar behind the back!

Sax player Ken Meyer.. sitting in with the band for the night

Kip Opperman sings! (Bob Hilton/Itch's brother in the foreground)

Peter V R sings!

Kipper diggin' on his bad self

Friends of Jacks New Licks

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Kip Opperman (Kipper)

Peter van Roden  

click here to see a pic of Peter with wifey, Lisa, and older son Henry

Tom Kallman (Bernie): Jacks' New Licks Booking Agent!! 

Peter T. Throop : Band photographer!

2004 Reunion June 5, 2004 at

Ithaca College's Ben Light Gym

Jack's New Licks / MG All-Star Reunion concert

From left to right:

Rich Hilton, Kevin Sparke, Kip Opperman, Jim Lawrence, Tom Walker, Bob Keefe (our great sub guitarist)

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Here are some other photos! (CLICK HERE)