Jack's New Licks / MG All-Star Reunion concert

Rehearsal Friday, June 4, 2004:

Sound board setup
Tom Walker with Trink & Friends
Kevin Sparke & Kip Opperman
Rich Hilton, Kipper, Jimbo, Tom & Bob Keefe
Sully (Tom Sullivan) at the Sound
The boys rehearsing
More reheasing - Rich singing
Tom and Bob
Rich, Spake, Kip & Jimbo
View from the side
Peter van Roden hugging Don Weisburger, and friends
View from above
Another view from above
Kipper on acoustic guitar
Jimbo on the same bass he played in Jack's New Licks  (1975 Fender Jazz bass)
Tom singing
Bob Keefe on guitar (subbing for Richy Stanojev)
Sparke on drums
Peter & son, with Rich's two sons join us
Jamie, Corey, Peter & son on stage
The whole gang with kids!
Family Rock n' Roll
Rich telling us to quiet down
Peter, you're so vicious!
Everybody diggin' on their bad selves
Rockin' out
Jamie on drums, Corey on tambourine, proud Dad
Jamie rockin' on drums
Peter's other son watching
Sparke helping out on cowbell
So delectable!
Rich & Peter singing
Hilton & Sons

Ithaca College Reunion Picnic gig in Ben Lught Gym Saturday, June 5, 2004:

Rich sings
Rich sings
Bob & Tom
Jimbo singing
Kipper & Jimbo
Rich sings lead
Sparke drumming
Switching guitars
Discussing the next tune
The band
Rich singing it
Rich singing more
Kipper & Jimbo (old roomies)
The band playing "Taxman"
The band jamming
Jamie Hilton, Corey Hilton, and the van Roden kids join the stage
Hilton, van Roden & Sons, Inc.
It's a family affair
The kids resepecting their elders
Peter singing lead
"Suffragette City"!
The Grande finale

Class of 1979 Photo session

Photo session 1
Photo session 2
Photo session 3
Photo session 4