Gene and Jimbo  -  1979-1980

I met Gene at Ithaca College, and was lucky to hook up with him and play as a duo.  Gene has the purest sounding voice, and was wonderful to get along with and work with.  I remember playing many times at the downtown Plum's Restaurant, as well as the Ithaca College Coffeehouse "Crossroads", and a place in Varna called "Ballards".  We probably played other Ithaca venues as well.  It was a joy to harmonize with Gene, even though I was just trying to figure out how to play and sing at the same time. We also played some of my favorite music, like James Taylor, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and more.   Gene seemed very determined to better himself, and it looks as though he has succeeded beyond expectations!  See his site at:

Live music recording of Gene & Jimbo at Plums's Restaurant in Ithaca, NY in May of 1980 (click here)

Here are some fun memories .... click on the pictures to enlarge:

Gene & Jimbo Publicity Photo
(gee ... somebody has changed a lot -

somebody has not!)

Ithaca College "Crossroads"

Coffeehouse Poster

Plum's Poster
Ithaca Times Calendar April 3, 1980

(look for "Gene & Jimbo"!)

Gene & Jimbo's Songlist

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